socialmedia Welcome to my series of blog posts on the ABC's of Social Media, a tool that you can use to make you more "hip" in the world of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (just to name a few).  Today's letter is "C".  I could have went with the safe options of Captcha or Comment Spam, but I figured I’d dig a little deeper and I found one that we encounter almost every day when browsing blogs.  Ever noticed the little “RSS” feed icon that allows you to subscribe to someone's blog fee?  Did you know that that icon has a name?  It’s called a Chicklet, or RSS Chicklet so I figured that would be my word of the day.

"C" is for Chicklet

Chicklet Chicklet

Pronounced: Chik-lit

A Chicklet, or an RSS Chicklet, is a feed button that normally contains a feed reader logo and has a specific blog or feed information attached to it. It is coded to easily allow users to subscribe to a feed.