socialmediaNow that I've finished up the ABC's of Networking, I figured that I would jump right in and start a new glossary of geekdom.  Since Social Media and Networking are a passion of mine and also since that is really what makes DevCentral be the great site that it is, I figured I'd tackle that list next.  So, welcome to the first post in the ABC's of Social Media!  for the letter A, it was really an easy choice.  Whether you know it or not, if you browse the web, you are likely consuming content that is derived from multiple sources.  Whether it's in a RSS reader or a widget on a webpage, you are witnessing Aggregation.

"A" is for Aggregation

aggregation Aggregation

Pronounced: Ag-ri-gey-shun

Aggregation is the process of gathering and remixing content from blogs and other websites that provide "feeds" of their data.  This most commonly occurs with the RSS syndication format, but also can be with other technologies as well.  The results may be displayed in an aggregator website such as Bloglines or Google Reader, or directly on your desktop using software often also called a newsreader.