socialmedia Welcome to my series of blog posts on the ABC's of Social Media, a tool that you can use to make you more "hip" in the world of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (just to name a few).  Today's letter is "S".  There are lots of "S" words like SaaS, SEO, SMO, SOB, and Social Media itself.  But the anarchist in me opted for the more fun and entertaining Smartmob!

"S" is for Smartmob

AngryMobFunRun_1024 Smartmob

Pronounced: Smahrt-mob

A Smartmob is a group that behaves intelligently and efficiently due to it's technology related connections.  Their network allows them to connect to information and others to form a kind of social coordination.

Flash mobs are a type of Smartmob that do something unusual for a short period of time and then quickly break up.

Smartmobs can also be organized to form at the same time in multiple locations to attract media attention and spread awareness for a specific agenda.  There is also a "World Wide Flash Mob" that is being organized around Geocaching.