I'm not sure if this will be a shock to anyone...but I'm not a programmer.  I had a C programming class in college and ended up with a 1400 line program that solved a real world problem in troubleshooting circuit boards in a train control system manufactured by a company I was interning with at the time.

  It was cool, I felt great, and then I graduated and used C no more forever.  Sometimes I think I get coding, and then I hit a roadblock that absolutely baffles me.  That's ok, though. Millions of people farther along in that skill set are willing to share what they know in forums, faqs, codeshares, etc, just like the awesome contributors here at DevCentral.  Where am I going with this?  Well, whereas I am not a coder, I am a problem solver. 

A user posted to the forums this week wondering how to get a quick and dirty bandwidth utilization reading on the BigIP LTM  interfaces.  There are several great tools to do this trending over time, my preference being Cacti, but his quest was for a near real-time result.  My mind immediately went to SNMP and Perl, since these are tools I've used before.  Sure, this problem could also be solved with another language like Powershell and with iControl instead of SNMP, but for a simple task like interface statistics I figured it was better to stay in my comfort zone.  Thanks (again) to the community of developers who share ideas, I was able to solve the problem without hitting too major a roadblock along the way.  The result is in the Advanced Design & Configuration Wiki--I won't scare any of you here with what is masquerading as Perl code, but hey, it works.