I've been writing code for a long time. And I'm good at it. I think anyone who claims to be "the best" at a given language is an idiot and I immediately tune them out, so I don't ever make such claims. But I can crank out a lot of code and understand some cryptic crap when I need to.

So days when the brain fails to engage are either humorous or painful. Today was one of those days. I've been cranking on the Blackberry BigIP interface, and have large chunks of it done, complete with a class library for all you MIDP junkies to use when it's complete. I spent an hour trying to figure out why a return set was coming back from the BigIP empty. These web services are pretty darned sound, so I knew that it wasn't likely the system doing it, and the Blackberry app is replicating pages on the web management console, so I could look and see that an empty set was not correct...

So I sent it over to Joe Pruitt and asked him to look at the request and response as they were going across the wire. Ten minutes (or less) later, he wrote me back "you're looking for the members of the VLAN, but the parameter you're sending looks like the port."

I no sooner read that than I smacked my head. I had started to build the VLAN list, but then sidetracked to build the response classes for what I was actually doing - getting the list of members of a given VLAN - and forgot to finish getting the list of available VLANS. I was calling it with a port list instead.


Well, happens to everyone, just have to pick up and move on. But man I hate to waste time like that.

Based on my current reading, I'll blame the KGB, or GRU, or whatever they're going by these days :-).



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