Citrix announced a new version of software for their Netscaler product yesterday.  They made a claim in their press release that is simply not true.  They stated: "This latest release of Citrix NetScaler extends our leadership in this market and further advances state-of-the-art web application delivery."

There are two things about that statement that need to be corrected.

First, they are claiming to extend their leadership in the market. they lead in market share?  No.  Do they lead in functionality? No. Do they lead in performance? No.  Are they rated highest by industry analysts? No.  Leader?  I think not.  Extending a lead?  Absolutely not!

Second, the feature set that they are introducing in this new version is a subset of what we introduced to the market when we released version 9 two years ago!  So, they're not advancing the state of the art either - escpecially since we've added functionality and extended performance to BIG-IP since then.

Press releases are used to tout new things but we shouldn't allow companies to make claims that are simply false without subjecting them to scrutiny.