While walking past a bookshelf in my office, I caught a glimpse of something shiny. What was that?

Well, it was this. The “iRuler v1.0” disk. Not many folks know that the iRule Editor was humorously called the “iRuler” in it’s early days by creator Joe Pruitt. In classic F5 (and Pruitt) form, he showed up one day and said, “hey guys – what do you think of this?”.


Suffice it to say that after many enhancements and literally tens of thousands of downloads, it’s a big part of the F5 DevCentral journey and has certainly had a profound impact on the thousands of users writing and deploying iRules around the world.

Anyone want the master? It might be a nice collectible for that iRule addict in the community that has the have EVERYTHING iRule! Tell me why you should have it (in the comments below) and if your story is good enough, I might send it to you!