A final bike update for the year.  I've logged almost 4,000 miles on the Roubaix Comp since purchasing it in February.

I've replaced the chain 3 times (once due to my "repair" job) and gone through a few tires.  Nothing else has broken or needed to be replaced.  Mystery creaks have gone away after oiling where the rear spokes meet the rear hub.

I started having rear flats again like when the original tires were worn.  I had three in a few weeks.  That prompted me to purchase a puncture resistant tire for the rear (Conti).  I then had another flat on 3/4 of the way through my first ride on that tire.  Fortunately it was on the weekend so it was in the daylight and I wasn't jamming trying to get to the office for a meeting.

That made me up the stakes and combine the Mr Tuffy liner with the Conti in the rear in my effort to dodge having to fix flats in cold and dark conditions. One ride on that setup so far.  The flats have all been slow leaks so hopefully all the cleaning I was able to do by fixing it in my garage insted of on the side of the road will yield positive results.  I also added some SKS Race Blade fenders as I don't believe there's a way to fit a standard fender through the tight clearance between the tires and the frame.

Next up might be a light upgrade so I can actually see the bike path on one stretch of my commute where oncoming headlights from Highway 90 blind you  when riding eastbound at night (the bike path is on the north side of the highway).  To make things a little more challenging, there are a ton of rabbits that like to dart across the trail as you approach them.  Fortunately this portion is on a dedicated path and not on the road!

Link to previous updates.

Bottom line is that I'm still really happy with this bike.

Last week a local cyclist got hit by a car while commuting in the dark. Makes you think about the overall health benefits of commuting on your bike.  I've slowed down as it has gotten colder and rainier but I don't think I'll stop.