It seems like just yesterday that I wrote the post about my experience with the bike in Dec 2005 and minutes since the July 2006 update.

This year my mileage total on the Roubaix will be about 3,500 miles.  Lower than last year but my business travel was significantly higher in 2006 and I did more mountain biking this year than I have in a long time.  I did complete my first double century this year at an average of 18.8mph and felt good at the end of it so I was pretty plesaed with that.

Over the weekend I was getting my bike ready for a ride and I flipped it over to place a few drops of lube on the cable guides that are under the bottom bracket.  Those guides are the source of some of the mystery creaks I have had over the past couple of years.  Anyhow, the plastic guide appears not to be long enough to get the cable for the rear derailler to clear the curvature of the bottom bracket.  As a result, all the shifting of the rear gears over the miles this bike has seen is causing the cable to act like a saw on the bottom bracket.  At a minimum I am going to get a longer guide to eliminate any further damage and have the shop where I purchased the bike assess the situation.  I am also going to let Specialized know as this is something that should not occur.  The bike should not damage itself with regular use.