I've put nearly 3,000 additional miles on the bike since the last update I posted.  I'm still very pleased with it.

Maintenance requirements have been routine - brakes, tires, etc.  I've also had to adjust my seat height and angle in the last few months.  I'm not sure if it's me or the bike that was the catalyst to require the change but my comfort level sure is higher these days!

Last night I replaced my chain with a chain from SRAM chain instead of Shimano on the advice of my LBS.  I love the PowerLink - it really makes joining the chain simple.  Unfortunately I had to reinstall the old one as the SRAM was skipping when I pedaled on the smallest (most difficult) gear on the rear cassette.  All other positions worked fine.  It may be a sign that the rear cassette is too worn to match a new chain to.  I'll look into that after the Seattle to Portland ride tomorrow.

Everything else on the bike is holding up well.  The seat is starting to wear through one one side more than the other so I'll have to figure out if I'm just lop sided or if I need a little adjustment there.

Garmin sent a replacement heart rate strap to me and it works like a charm.  The original one that came with my Edge 305 must have something wrong with it.