Amongst the many hats that I tend to reside under as a part of the DevCentral team, evangelist is definitely one of them, and one that's worn quite often, even if being mixed in with the others. It's due to this that I find myself sitting in the Microsoft Training Center in Reading, UK, watching the blue-badges wander back and forth through the halls in search of nourishment of some sort, be it for mind or body. I'm here today as a part of the F5 UK pre-sales team to chat with many of our UK Partners, discussing nearly all things F5, what we're up to, and how we can help them sell more to their(our) customers.

"Risky" has already had his amusing chat about WebAccelerator, and "The Judge" is currently in the process of filling the attendees in on the ins and outs of ASM. I'm tucked back into the extra room we have set aside today for the F5 folks to work in while our colleagues are presenting, going over my slides and talking points as I'm on just after lunch to delve into - surprise - DevCentral, iControl, iRules, and all such wondrous things.

As this is my third day across the pond, I've settled in at least relatively well to the time change, and I'm excited at the opportunity to chat with our partners here about what's new and exciting in our community, as well as preaching "The Good Word" as it were about our integration technologies and solutions. Any time I get the chance to share my exuberance about our solution story and how incredible and powerful our community is, I jump at the opportunity. I'm getting to do so multiple times on this trip, which had me winging my way out of the states last Monday (arriving the 14th), and returning around the end of the month.

My first chance was yesterday, when I had a fantastic opportunity to sit down with much of the technical side of our UK pre-sales team. We were scheduled to talk from 9:30AM until 12PM about iRules, iControl, DevCentral, and anything else that might come up that I could possibly be of assistance with. The conversation was outstanding, and didn't end up wrapping up until 3:30PM, with some learning had by all, definitely including myself. These guys are sharp, and are doing some really cool things! Watch out for some forthcoming tech-tips detailing at least a couple solutions they were excited to share with me.

After my talk today (in about an hour), my next opportunity to spread the story is Monday 20th-August at the User Group being held at Barclay's in London. If you're planning on attending, make sure to say hi! Even if you're not, I'm looking at putting together an informal DevCentral sponsored meet and greet. If you're in the area and interested in catching up, having a few drinks and talking geek with me, please let me know (email, blog comment, IM, forum post, whatever) and I'll work on setting something up for the beginning of next week.

Until then - Cheers,