As I sit on the Eurostar, zipping my way from London to Paris, I have some time to think about some of the events since my last update.

The presentation that I was doing some final prep for when I last left you went quite well. It was a chat with some key partners for F5 here in the UK. I got to talk to them about DevCentral, its role, why it's an important part of delivering Solutions, not just products, as it allows for collaboration and research for our integration technologies. I also talked about iControl, some of the amazingly powerful things you can do with it, starting from some basic concepts (what it is, how it works, why it's important) to some more intricate solutions (iRule Editor, EM, customer solutions, etc.) and followed that up with a live iControl demo ala Joe's Tutorial post RE: Getting started with iControl v 9.x and VS2005. Thanks Joe! And no talk that I give could be complete without at least a smattering of iRules chatter. I tried to keep that part to a minimum though, since Mr. Pickles (one of our great UK FSEs) was scheduled to give a proper iRules talk the following morning.

The attendees seemed to enjoy the presentation, and I believe they came away with a better understanding of what DevCentral is and why it might make sense for them to be involved, not just for their customers. Between that and displaying some cool iControl voodoo, I'm hoping we end up with a few new or newly re-involved DevCentral members. :) If anyone was there, feel free to drop a comment here and let me know how things went.

After that I had a couple of days in London over the weekend to check things out. London's a huge city and I couldn't possibly see all of it in just two days, but I got a good start, seeing the London Eye, Big Ben, The House of Parliament, The London Bridge, etc. etc.

Monday, fresh out of a couple of days of sight-seeing, I got a great opportunity to participate in the F5 UK User Group. I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk more about DevCentral and iRules. As I'm kind of a nut for DevCentral and iRules, these folks couldn't help but chuckle at my sometimes almost over-passionate delivery. What can I say, I love this stuff. ;)

I think they got the message, though, as I got several comments about the presentation and some great questions as well. Again, I'm hoping for some DC Converts, so I'll have to wait and see.

After Monday I got some time to stretch my legs a bit. I got up to Edinburgh, Scotland to take in some great Scotch and a bit of the Fringe Festival. Then some more London sight-seeing, and now I'm on the train to Paris to be ready for my next talk.

All in all, it's been a great trip so far, and I'm not done yet! I've got a couple more stops, Paris, France and Helsinki, Finland. I'm meeting with some more of our FSEs and then a couple more customers, and I'm looking forward to spreading "The Good Word" to them as well. I just hope they like hearing about it as much as I like talking about it.

I'll be back State-side by the middle of next week. I should have some videos, tech tips, and other updates to share once I get there, so stay tuned. I'm sure I'll pop in at least once more before then to talk about my next couple talks.