For the third leg of my whirlwind tour (3rd? 4th? nobody's counting...) I find myself in Finland to meet with a group of eager to iRule F5 users. Thanks to their excitement about iRules, iControl and DevCentral - not to mention the great efforts of the local team to round up said eager users - we had a fantastic turnout. I believe when the dust settled we had 19 people attending the somewhat impromptu chat.

While people started the day out largely timid, friendly banter and good 'ole geeky discussion was the order of the day before we were finished. It was great, yet again, to get a chance to chat about some of the technologies I love with a group of people that seemed honestly interested in learning more, making better use of what they know, or really pushing the limits of the technology.

There were great questions, a few witty comments, and - I believe - a good time had by all. We got a chance to continue our discussions over a nice lunch facilitated by the wonderfully helpful and friendly local SEs (Thanks again guys!). Unfortunately I was pulled away all too early as the next meeting of the day called.

After a fantastic 3 hour discussion with some customers, I found myself back on a plane, winging my way back to London to grab a few winks of sleep before my flight headed back stateside the next morning.

As my trip comes to a close, I'm quite pleased to say that every single event, meeting, user group and chat that I've attended during my time across the pond has been nothing short of fantastic. I want to extend a personal thanks to all of the participants and attendees. In case any of you are reading this (I told you I'd be blogging about you...), thank you all very much for making this trip a great success, and quite enjoyable all at once.

There should be some good content - a couple of videos and a Tech Tip or two at least - coming in the next week or so, so make sure to stay tuned, as I'll definitely call them out and give some more background on each when they show up on DevCentral.