The F5 product that impacts me the most as a user is FirePass - our SSL VPN solution.  I'm not alone in this sentiment.  My team has received great stories from our developers about how it has allowed them to spend more time with their families while increasing productivity.  Our IT folks love how it eliminated much of the work associated with the Checkpoint VPN-1 solution we used to use for remote access.  My team no longer has issues connecting to our network from all the places around the world that we visit. Most importantly, customers love it too.

Simple things like leaving your company notebook at the office used to cripple my productivity if I could not physically  make it in the next day for whatever reason. Now, no laptop, no sweat! I can get in to all the resources I need from my home systems and FirePass provides more protection and security for corporate resources than our old system did.

Last week a truck ran into a utility pole and knocked out power in the neighborhood where our office is located.  Our main systems were all up and running on backup power.  Because of FirePass, the executive team was able to quickly provide the option to their teams to work remotely whether that was from home or a nearby coffee shop and what could have been a major loss of productivity became something very minor to deal with. 

That's cool.