It’s been an emotional two days. Yesterday morning whilst preparing for a customer workshop at our new London Technology Center I was doing a bit of research on the competition.  Cue an avalanche of anti-F5 collateral (hereafter known as FUD) focussed on why not to buy F5.

Now if there is one thing that I hate, it’s a negative campaign.  I never do it,  and I honestly think that, if your product is good, and you really believe in it, you just don’t need to. Why waste your time and energy on a load of negativity? - we have governments and stock markets for that. I’ll admit, quite against the advice of some dead Chinese general, I got rather upset. Bad language was used, and the morality and parentage of an entire organisation was questioned. To be fair to them,  they are not the only ones - finding FUD from the competition focussed on F5 is pretty easy.

Then we had an excellent meeting with a great bunch of people working on an interesting project.  I got to work with  them solving some of their challenges using our technology. There was waving of arms and drawing on whiteboards, just my kind of thing. My mood was somewhat improved but I was still a little wound up, to be honest.

Today I’ve been reading ‘Behind the Cloud’ by founder Marc Benioff.  One of his key marketing tenets is “Always Go After the Goliath” – attack the market leader, don’t even acknowledge the rest of the field. So, feel free to take a look around our competitors’ sites, you won’t find them rubbishing each other, because there is only one clear leader in the advanced ADC market place – F5.  We’ve got here through years of hard work and focus, by employing the best people (OK, a few of us slip through the net), and by working hard with our customers to solve their real-world problems.

Thanks for the recognition guys, now I’ll worry when you stop.