Today is the first day of my Tokyo adventure.  I'm in our Akasaka office talking with sales folks and engineers about...pause for dramatic effect....iRules and iControl. I know, you're shocked.  PocariSweat

This is my first trip to Japan and I'm loving it so far.  Although it's a bit of a hike on the plane and I'm now starting to wane (it's 1:30ish PM here...17 hours ahead is a lot) thanks to the change in sleep schedule, the trip has been good so far.  Today I got to meet the rest of the team here that I didn't already know and chat with them for an hour or so about iRules, iControl and DevCentral, three of my favorite topics to go on about.

It looks like I'll be doing a more in-depth tech dive later today or tomorrow morning for the engineers that didn't get their fill of geekery in my earlier, topical session. I've also got some cool customer visits lined up and a finale at the DevCentral User group happening here in Tokyo.  I'm pretty excited.

It's definitely been an interesting experience so far, trying to observe the cultural differences and make my way around without looking too silly. There are some pretty big differences, aside from the obvious. The one that currently has me chuckling is the "Ion Supply Drink" that I'm sipping called "Sweat".  Okay it's really called "Pocari Sweat" but it cracks me up that I'm sipping on sweat and...enjoying it. Apparently it's re-supplying my ions and electrolytes and such so I can go blast my pecks later....or something.

More later...