I found out about this at our partner conference earlier this week and it looks like Symphonic's TrueView ADC Edition has made it's way out into the wild.

 symphonic_true From the press sheet:

Symphoniq, in conjunction with F5, has created a unique monitoring solution to leverage your existing Application Deliver Controller (ADC) infrastructure to give you detailed, actionable insight into how the infrastructure is running, from your end user's perspective.

TrueView, ADC Edition takes advantage of Symphoniq's TrueView technology to measure real end-user response times, and leverages F5's iRules and iControl technologies to seamlessly integrate with your infrastructure to provide the information you need to optimize your web application delivery.

With all the benefits of the True Product line, TrueView ADC Edition is built exclusively around F5's BIG-IP.  They are using iControl to enable Symphonic transaction monitoring and, in doing so, the BIG-IP is automatically configured to dynamically instrument outgoing web pages or SOA calls.

Key highlights in the TrueView ADC Edition include:

  • Monitors application performance as experienced by the real users of HTML, AJAX, Flash and Silverlight applications
  • Collects detailed Web performance parameters (such as response time, parsing time, time to first byte, and error rate) from the real user's perspective at the browser
  • Allows setting of thresholds to generate alerts on Web performance parameters to support 24/7 operations
  • Capture and report on F5 BIG-IP device statistics
  • Correlates F5 BIG-IP device statistics with critical web application parameters to gain unprecedented visibility
  • Business group oriented approach relates performance issues to business impact
  • Customizable SQL-based reporting engine supports service level reporting and historical data archival
  • Monitoring functionality leverages existing F5 BIG-IP appliances using iRules and iControl, no additional third-party appliance required
  • Seamless migration to the full TrueView suite for end-to-end application performance monitoring and diagnostics

If you are a BIG-IP customer and are looking at ways to eek the most out of your applications and their performance on the network, I'd highly suggest you take a look at Symphonic's new offering.

Who knows, maybe we'll get them on a podcast sometime soon to talk about how they've used iControl and iRules to their, and your, advantage.