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Containers: plug-and-play code in DevOps world - part 2

Following Part1, this is a short hands-on lab test showing how to containerise your application using Docker. Read more
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Building Trust with Service Mesh

The Istio Service Mesh is built on a “zero-trust network”; but how do you ensure that you can trust Istio? When trusted and untrusted services are co-mingled in a single Kubernetes cluster it can be challenging to secure outbound communicati... Read more
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Python SDK Cookbook: Encoding URLs and Using Proxies

Every now and then I get an inquiry if the Python SDK can do something I haven't personally used or seen a need for. In this article, I'll cover two such use cases: encoding URLs and using proxies to connect to BIG-IP. Both of these... Read more
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Manage Infrastructure and Services Lifecycle with Terraform and Ansible + Demo

In this demo, we will use tools like Terraform, Ansible and F5 AS3 to show how we can do Infrastructure as Code (IaC): How can you manage the lifecycle of your infrastructure and services through automation and orchestration Read more
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Infrastructure as Code: AWS Cloud Formation, Ansible, and F5 AS3 Basics

This is a simple configuration example to show you the basics of integrating Ansible, Amazon Web Services Cloud Formation, and F5’s AS3 Declarative interface to create an ‘infrastructure-as-code’ BIG-IP implementation. Read more
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F5 Services in a CI/CD pipeline

This article shows you how it is possible to integrate F5 services in a CI/CD pipeline. It will provide a demo of such a scenario Read more
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5 Reviews

DevOps Explained to the Layman

DevOps Explained to non-Developers Read more
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25 Reviews

iControl REST Cookbook - LTM policy (ltm policy)

This cookbook lists selected ready-to-use iControl REST curl commands for LTM policy related resources. Each receipe consists of the curl command, it's tmsh equivallent, and sample output (default hidden) Read more
2 Reviews

Using the Python SDK with the Flask Web Framework

I received from a member of our fine community on how to make the Python SDK work with the Django web framework. I haven't worked with Django, but I do work with the Flask web framework, which is very bare bones compared to Django, but has a... Read more
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Devopsdays NYC Survey Results and Trip Recap

Why we were there, who we met, and what we learned Read more
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State of Application Services 2019: Cloud and DevOps influencing NetOps

It has been noted, by yours truly, that cloud is not finished disrupting the data center. That is particularly true within IT, for roles across all four operational concerns: network, security, storage, and infrastructure. In our dive into the... Read more
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Creating iRules LX via iControl REST

This article describes a method to create a working iRules LX instance completely remotely via the iControl REST framework. Read more
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iControl REST Fine-Grained Role Based Access Control

iControl REST Fine-Grained Role Based Access Control Introduction The F5's role based access control (RBAC) mechanism allows a BIG-IP administrator to assign appropriate access privilages to the users [1]. For example, when the operator role... Read more
2 Reviews

iRules Commands Updates

Late last week, I updated the iRules wiki with all the commands and events introduced in version 14.0. In the process, I noticed there were several commands I had to update as well, as I have done for past versions. The updated commands are noted... Read more
2 Reviews

NetOps Primer: What are Microservices?

Microservices are coming to a network near you. Forty-one percent (41%) of respondents to our State of Application Delivery 2018 survey told us their organizations were exploring microservices as a result of digital transformation initiatives.... Read more
Average Rating: 4.7
3 Reviews

Wanted: NetOps with Opinions

Take the State of Application Services 2019 survey Yes, you read that right. It’s that time again when we survey the market on the State of Application Delivery Services. No, that’s not a typo. The change in name is deliberate. For the past four... Read more
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Getting started with the python SDK part 6: transactions

In the last article we looked at request parameter options. In this article we'll look at how to use transactions with the python SDK. Before we dig into the SDK implementation, let’s take a look at what a transaction is, why you’d use one,... Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: What is F5 Container Connector?

In this episode of Lightboard Lessons, I reach the peak of the container story I've been working on through Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift. On the summit, I cover the overview of the F5 Container Connector, an integration solution for managing... Read more
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iRules LX Logger Class

In version 13.1, the ILXLogger class was added to expand the ability to log from iRules LX. The API details have been added to to the wiki but in this article, I’ll add context and an example to boot. Let’s get to it! The first step is... Read more
2 Reviews

Lightboard Lessons: What is OpenShift?

The OpenShift Container Platform from RedHat is a platform as a service leveraging Docker and Kubernetes to provide app developers an easy button for application management, deployment, and scale. In this episode of Lightboard Lessons, Jason Rahm... Read more
2 Reviews

iControl REST Cookbook - Virtual Server Profile (LTM Virtual Profiles)

This cookbook lists selected ready-to-use iControl REST curl commands for virtual server profile related resources. Each receipe consists of the curl command, it's tmsh equivallent, and sample output (default hidden:... Read more
2 Reviews

Application Auto Scaling Through BIG-IP Cloud Edition

Join our training developers as DevCentral covers BIG-IP Cloud Edition's Auto Scaling Feature for right-sized application and security features. Updated for AWS! Read more
Average Rating: 3.7
3 Reviews

NetOps Meets DevOps - The State of Network Automation Survey

We want to understand your company’s current application architectures and the adoption of continuous delivery and continuous deployment practices within your organization. Please answer some brief questions about: How important automation is to... Read more
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Getting started with the python SDK part 5: request parameters revisited

Last time out we looked at using request parameters. Stephan Manthey posted a comment on some of the advanced queries with the options parameter he uses and asked how they might be supported in the SDK. We’ll take the use cases one at a time, and... Read more
2 Reviews