Seth Godin really hit home today with this post. Chances are, you'll hear from one of your web marketing managers soon asking you to fix your server error pages. Lucky for you, there are some great iRules contributed by the DevCentral community that can sove this problem in a matter of minutes (so that YOU can take a day off too!).

For instance, the most obvious is the "File Not Found Handler". Or, you could "Insert Content Into a Server Response". If problems are ocurring because of someone requesting an HTTP:// URL instead of an HTTPS:// URL, you could use the "HTTP to HTTPS redirect"  (and avoid the error page altogether).

A cool solution could also take advantage of Harlan Richard's "Return_Status_404" iRule which enables one iRule to flexibly handle all 404s and other errors across multiple web properties.

Or, to get really elegant, you could start with Kevin Stewart's iRule - "OCSP Authentication error redirect" - and build an iRule that enables you to customize the error response based upon the user request and even provide suggestions on what to do next... Adding "breadcrumbs" like this not only help the user get where they're trying to go. It can even make helpdesk troubleshooting easier when the user calls for help.

Nothing like the flexibility to solve these problems quickly - and easily - thanks to community driven innovation and ideas.

Oh yeah - one nice benefit is that by running this as an iRule, you only have to do it in one place... Since you won't have to update every server in the data center with the same error handling code, I think you probable deserve another day off...