There is a trend in the high-tech industry to jump from one hot technology to another, without waiting for customers to catch up. We’re certainly seeing it with Cloud, there are people out there pushing the “everyone else is doing it and gaining agility!” button every day. But you’re not there yet. Part of the reason you’re not there yet is that virtualization is still growing up. Between VM sprawl, resource over-utilization, virtual versus physical infrastructure, and the inherent task of IT to continue to support the business as it sits today, there isn’t a ton of time left for hopping on the Cloud bandwagon. And some of these things – VM Sprawl and resource over-utilization for example – counter-indicate a move to Cloud, simply because they are situations that will cost you money if you do them on a platform that charges you by the rate of transfer or number of VMs. As Lori so aptly put it in one of her blogs, if you can’t manage it internally, you can’t manage it externally either.

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