Last week a few of us here at F5 answered some questions about blogging that were routed to us from a writer at Forbes. Jeff here at F5 passed the questions along to me on Thursday the 19th at 5:11PM with the little note stating "By the way, we need to get them back to the writer by 8AM tomorrow". Well, there went my plans for the night...

We'll, less than a week later, the article is out. Check it out when you get a chance. Nothing earth shattering in there, but it's pretty cool seeing myself quoted at Forbes! By the way, it states that I'm "the" senior architect at F5, that article should state "a" senior architect. Let me be the first to point out that I am one of several architects here at F5 and I don't want to try to take credit for what the other very talented individuals do here.

Sidenote: I find it very interesting the top related story they have posted with this article: Top Topless Beaches. Not sure why Forbes is reviewing topless beaches on their "Entrepreneurs" section of their site. Maybe they know their target audience better than I do B-).