Tata Motors in India is getting ready to begin taking orders for their $2,500 car - The Nano.  The car comes in 3 variations: the Standard, CX and LX. The Standard is pretty basic given that you can upgrade to the CX and get things like heating and booster assisted brakes.  Moving up to the LX offers options like fabric seats, fog lamps and a mobile phone charger outlet.

If the Nano is successful, it will significantly change the profile of who can afford to purchase a car.  The first production run is 100,000 cars and Tata expects to have a lottery to allocate them to prospective buyers.

What does this have to do with F5 you may be wondering?  Go to the website for the Nano and look at the bottom right portion of the screen.  "Powered by F5 Networks" - they are using F5 products like Web Accelerator to ensure their prospective customers have a good experience online.