Well, today is my last day of work until the 5th. I took the end of the year and my birthday off, and will be starting back up recharged and ready to roll (pondering getting out my embedded stuff and toying with it even, my brothers' submarine still needs a control net).

I'll also be taking my 2nd anniversary at F5 off. And if you follow me on Twitter you'll know I suddenly realized how fast time flies when you're having this much fun.

But there's more to it than that. I'm truly lucky to work with the team I do, for in the end it is greatly about the people.

Lori pulls you all in - she's not on my team, but her blog posts are an integral part of DevCentral, so I'm counting her - with her sweeping declarations about all things IT. Admit it, you've come here just to read her stuff.

Then Deb (whom we miss) and now Jason (whom we're glad to have) tell you how to get the most out of your BIG-IP without resorting to a ton of code. Joe and Colin further show you how to tweak your system with iRules and iControl gurudom, and Colin's Top5 is an astounding way to just get the best of the week - if you haven't seen it, check out his page for a list of them. His 20 Lines or Less (20 LoL in our shorthand) is astounding if you're an iRules person too. And I get to throw out a little bit of iControl, a little bit of management/personnel stuff, and a tiny bit of iRules... Our boss doesn't get to blog much but that's because he's doing the hard part of DevCentral - protecting us from the daily grind as best he can and keeping us on-track.

No team is perfect, we have our little frictions - we are people after all - but man are we lucky. Or our boss(es) made good choices in hiring, one or the other.

When not generating content or working on special projects, Joe keeps this whole monstrosity of a website running, for which we simply don't thank him often enough, and I do my best to keep the schedule moving smoothly... While Lori pushes us all to be more social media aware.

And starting next year (I don't have permission to say this, so if I'm not back on the 5th, you know why ;-)), Lori's entire team will begin blogging with us. Since they're bright tech-savvy people with an array of focuses, that should give you some more great stuff to read.

With the astounding members we have contributing a ton to the Wikis and the forums, and an increasing number of articles, the effect we're willing to have is much larger - a force multiplier in military terms.

Have a great holiday season, and look forward to an astounding 2009 from F5 and DevCentral... We're certainly doing our best to set things up to outdo 2008.

Until next year,


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