I need to change my name. Maybe you can help me choose from my short list.

Too Many Daves

Part of my job as an evangelist is to grow my brand. Build name recognition. Yet even though I have one of the world’s best PR firms promoting interviews and magazine articles every month, people can’t find me on Google unless they search for a specific term like “David Holmes + cryptography” or “David Holmes + Kate Upton”.

The problem is that there are literally too many famous people named David Holmes. Remember that Dr. Seuss story, “Too Many Daves?” Yeah, I grew up with that book.

I’m not even the only David Holmes in my own house! My father, who lives with me sometimes, shares that name as well.

Today, there are (at least) FIVE guys named “David Holmes” floating around the Internet who are way more famous than me. 

David Holmes – DJ, Musician

My favorite David Holmes is a musician who started out as a DJ, making some really cool music. He was noticed by famed director Steven Soderbergh and now he does the music for all of Soderbergh’s movies. Buy the soundtracks for Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13. Check out this ridiculously awesome sample. As for myself, I have all of this David Holmes’ compact discs. Sometimes people who visit my house think I made them myself. 

David Holmes, Harry Potter Stunt Double

David Holmes –Harry Potter Stunt Double

Sad Story. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is a good friend with his own stunt double, whose name is, you guessed it, David Holmes. During a rehearsal of one of the flying scenes, Holmes crashed into a wall, breaking his neck and paralyzing him for life.

David Holmes, Pando Daily, image credit Hallie Bateman

David Holmes – Writer, Pando Daily

This guy writes compelling articles for the Silicon Valley rag, Pando Daily. I wish I could write as well as he does, but even if I could, I’d still be in his shadow because of our names.

David Holmes, motorcycle crash victim

David Holmes – Motorcycle accident victim (video)

Another sad story. A man named David Holmes died in a motorcycle accident  in Norfolk, U.K. in 2013. He was wearing a helmet cam at the time and it recorded his death. His mother released the footage to the Internet [warning, death!] as an object lesson about motorbike safety. The video’s three million views make this David Holmes more famous dead than I am alive.

The MTV Dave Holmes

David Holmes – MTV VJ

The MTV video-jockey David Holmes was the most famous of all of us in the 80s. You’d see him on TV every day, if you were an MTV watcher. Carson Daly eventually dethroned him, but he still has a higher Google ranking than I do.


You’re not going to believe this, but …

…I was once invited by (yet) another David Holmes to join a new website just for people named David Holmes. I told my dad about it, and he said, “I’ll join, too!” Excited, I went to the site’s member directory, and of course it just had the same name repeated over and over again. The site failed, because none of us could tell each other apart online!

Help me choose a new name

So I'm thinking about changing my first name. It’s a big step, because who does that?  I’ve been considering the following:

  • Primo
  • Fenom
  • Romulus
  • Slake
  • Blade
  • Magnus Bong Bong (I’m part Norwegian and part Filipino).

Those are all really, really cool names, but they are sooo different from David. It seems like it would be a huge change. How long would it take for me to respond when people yelled “Blade?” That’s why my current favorite option is “Eldavid.” 

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Why Eldavid Holmes? It has a majesty about it, like El Cid. By becoming ‘Eldavid’ (please pronounce with a rough, Spanish accent), I can basically keep the same name but differentiate myself from all the other David Holmeses and finally find true fame.