Ok, I'm a sucker for reality TV. I'm don't go so far as watching "Laguna Beach" or "My Super Sweet 16", but "The 70's House" on MTV has been a weekly must-watch for me lately.

For anyone who grew up in the 70's this show is totally hilarious. The premise is that they took 12 modern kids (late teens to early twenties) and put them in a 70's looking rambler complete with all the trimmings to give you sick flashbacks of Greg Brady. It's got a "Survivor" type feel to it in that they have to compete in a 70's style challenge each week (obviously designed to humiliate them) and then Oscar (who has a striking resemblance to Charlie from Charlie's Angels) decides who from the losers should compete in the final contest with the looser going home.

These kids who obviously haven't had any experience with 70's decor, lingo, clothing, etc are forced to live it. Example challenges they have gone through this season include:

  • Disco contest in a hip-hop club
  • Dodge Ball tournament at a local school competing against WWE wrestlers
  • A Car Wash marathon where the contestants must do "The Hustle" while washing the cars. The last one standing wins
  • Couple matching on a "Love Boat"
  • Roller Boogie in a local skating rink
  • Create a music group and in 15 minutes come up with a song to sing for a crowd at a local mall

Really stupid humor and for those who don't have any recollections of the 70's, this show is more than likely very lame. But for those who do remember Travolta's white dance suit, Tiger Beat, and Lava Lamps, then you owe it to yourself to check this out at least once.


[Listening to: Disco Inferno - Original Soundtrack - Saturday Night Fever (10:50)]