Welcome back for another episode of the ABC's of NSM.  What's NSM you say?  We'll go with Network and System Management, but you could throw Security in there as well.  We'll work our way through the alphabet over the next several weeks looking at tools and concepts along the way for all the administrators out there.  By the way, you can thank Joe for the format & Don for the title (I abc_2 couldn't for the life of me come up with one.)  

Today's letter H is for HPing, a command line utility with origins in security but robust enough to be very beneficial to network and server administrators as well.  HPing extends the traditional icmp ping capabilities to TCP, UDP, and raw IP protocols.  It can be used for path tracing, port scanning, stack auditing, OS fingerprinting, etc.  In addition to it being my native ping, I use it (and tcpdump running on the BIG-IP) to quick check my virtual server configurations to make sure packet flow is working correctly in the situations where the configuration pre-dates a working application.  I also use it to baseline open ports on the self IP addresses.  NMAP is a little more mature in this space, but I'm not using it to pen-test, just as a baseline to trend default settings in TMOS versions, both on the TMM self-IPs and the management port.


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