Welcome back for another (long overdue) episode of the ABC's of NSM.  What's NSM you say?  We'll go with Network and System Management, but you could throw Security in there as well.  We'll work our way through the alphabet over  the next several weeks looking at  tools and concepts along the way for all the administrators out abc_2_4    there.   By the way, you can thank Joe for the format & Don for the title  (I  couldn't for the life of me come up with one.)

Today's letter T is for TightVNC. TightVNC is a remote desktop option for *nix/windows systems that comes with both server and client packages.  It is feature rich, cross-platform, and fully compatible with the standard VNC offerings.  It is actively developed and considered one of the best free VNC options.  You can install to the local system, or use the U3 smart drive package and keep the functionality isolated from your system.


Also from TightVNC Group is a handy app called TightProjector.  It sends out the source screen via multicast to clients on the lan, which is useful for demonstrating system changes or tutorials, etc.  It's limited to 20 minutes without registration, but for short demonstrations it's a pretty nice option.


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