Welcome back for another episode of the ABC's of NSM.  What's NSM you say?  We'll go with Network and System Management, abc_2_4 but you could throw Security in there as well.  We'll work our way through the alphabet over  the next several weeks looking at  tools and concepts along the way for all the administrators out there.   By the way, you can thank Joe for the format & Don for the title  (I  couldn't for the life of me come up with one.)

Today's letter U is for Umbraco, an open-source .NET based content management system.  There are no shortages of CMS platforms. However, thanks to the excellent people behind the CMS Matrix, the heavy lifting is already done for you.  Particularly useful in the matrix is the incredibly detailed feature listings for each of the CMS packages.  This is especially helpful when comparing two packages side by side.  But I digress...back to Umbraco.

Umbraco compares pretty favorably in a comparison to our DNN platform, minus the number of built-in applications (DNN is a clear winner here, both in built-ins and available).  The platform has a fully open api that you can use any .net language to extend--the full source code is included.  Umbraco really shines when considering dynamic content.  Most tasks can be handled with XSLT scripts, and beyond that, ASP.NET user controls can be easily imported and used.  Developers, designers, & users alike seem to really like the flexibility of the CMS.  The biggest weakness...anyone?  Yep, documentation.  It's improving, but if you want the tutorial videos, get out your checkbook, that part is not free.


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