asashoryu sumo_battle

If you've listened to last weeks DevCentral weekly podcast, you heard that Jeff and I took a trip to Tokyo to meet with our team over there and speak at a user group meeting as well as a partner conference.  It just so happened that Jeff and I were lucky enough to be in town when a Sumo tournament was taking place. 

We watched a few of the battles but it really didn't get fun until the wagering began.  We were betting 10 yen (10 cents US) so we weren't going to leave there rich.  I was up about 100 yen ($1 USD) when the championship match took place between the reigning champion Asasyoryu (9-1) and undefeated Kotooshu (10-0).  Since Jeff lost the last bet, he got the pick on this one and he opted to go with the safe bet of the champion Asasyoryu, despite a recent suspension and other controversies he's brought on himself.  Not only has he feigned injuries, but he also was caught complaining to judges, and refusing to adopt Japanese citizenship and, OMG, being photographed in a suit!!!  With Jeff taking the champion, I was left with the 10-0 Kotooshu which it looks like was the right choice as he not only one the match, but ultimately took the tournament. 

I went ahead and picked up some souvenirs including a deck of Sumo playing cards shown above.  I know Jeff's response: Kotooshu is a Queen and Asasyoryu is still King.  My response to that is that the Queen kicked the Kings butt and will do it again!  Long live Kotooshu!