Having been deluged with Black Friday special offers at home and at work, we have decided to offer you, gentle reader, a Black Friday special of our own!

If you aren't familiar with Black Friday, it is the day in the US after our Thanksgiving Holiday - this Friday - when all the stores start their Christmas specials because Thanksgiving is the last holiday before Christmas, and the retail stores are all vying for your business.

Just so that our friends overseas do not feel left out, this Black Friday special is open to all of our registered users, not just those from the US!

Yes, gentle reader, starting at 12:01 PDT (GMT -8) on on Friday, November 28th, you can post to the forums all you want for free!

Yes indeed, you heard correctly, free forum posting!

Well yes, it's always free, why do you ask?

Oh. Well you see, we figured that this deal was just as good as many of the Black Friday advertisements we've received, so why not ;-)?

Be careful out there, make sure you're getting a good deal, particularly on products you don't normally shop for, there are some not-so-great "deals" floating around.

And if you're in the US, enjoy your Thanksgiving.