I saw a news item today that reported Tower Records has gone through a bankruptcy aution and sold off all its assets.  The news item talked about how everyone will miss the Tower Records retail locations around the US.  Of course, what the article failed to mention is that Tower Records was on the cutting edge in more than one way - they were the first customer that paid for some of our products.

In late 1996, Towerrecords.com consisted of a Macintosh server sitting under a desk in a cubicle in their Sacramento office and could not cope with the growing traffic that was hitting the web site.  Tower purchased some BIG-IPs and used them to front end their site and added some additional Macs to provide some additional horsepower to keep up with the growing traffic on their site.

If ever you're visiting our office in Seattle, ask to see our old ad that featured Tower Records that is hanging up on the wall just behind the main reception area.

Towerrecords.com is still up and operational today.  My guess is that the purchaser will likely keep it going as it has some brand equity associated with it.  Hopefully they keep the BIG-IPs going too.