viprionThis just came across the wire:  The UK based website ITPRO just published the first public review of F5's VIPRION On-Demand Application Delivery Controller.  Let's see how it fared:

Rating: 5 out of 6 stars

Price: £83000

"Targeting enterprises and service providers, the Viprion offers a range of features suited to those looking for levels of resilience, scalability and performance that standard appliance based solutions can’t deliver."

"A unique feature of the Viprion is its ability to present a single virtual server with massive resources behind it as it can use all blades. As new blades are added they are incorporated into the cluster, enabling a single application to scale easily with demand."

"Installation was simple as the Viprion not only clustered the blades for us but also presented a single virtual IP address for management."

"During its stay in the lab the Viprion impressed us mightily with its huge range of features. The automatic blade clustering feature also makes upgrades extremely simple and the well designed web interface makes light work of configuration and management."

Verdict: The Viprion sets new standards for enterprise level application delivery, with seriously good resilience, scalability and performance. Load balancing features don’t get any better either and yet during testing we found it remarkably easy to deploy and manage.

So there you have it.  If you have been maxing out your 8800's and have been feeling the need for an upgrade, then this review might help you tip the scale.  The one thing that they didn't mention in the review is that iControl, the remote management/automation API is available on that product as well so all your scripts you've developed for managing your v9.x devices will work with the new platform as well.

Make sure you check out the full review at the ITPRO website.