One of the projects I'm working on is Eclipse integration for iControl. Part of that integration is simply making our Jar file easy to use in Eclipse, and part of it is offering you a set of classes that mask the complexity of utilizing our Web Services. Not to keep you from directly calling them, but to offer a layer in between so that you can focus on your business problems and we can deal with remote objects, etc.

If you're a Java developer, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what type of things you're interested in. At this point the intermediate class library will handle getting statistics from virtual nodes, enabling and disabling them, and displaying pool information. With just a few classes for UI (all descended from JPanel) and a few classes for the intermediate layer.

The goal is to give you tools that will get you productive quickly, and samples that will help you through the rough spots. After all, the easier it is to use iControl, the more benefit you'll get out of it. On the Microsoft side, Joe has done an excellent job of putting this together, and on the Java side he's built a solid foundation. I'm just expanding that foundation out to make it simple. It's already not too bad, we're shooting for amazingly easy.

So if you have needs or ideas, bounce them off of me. I'm knee deep in it, so I can account for your ideas relatively easily.


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