On the Streets

For the first time I can recall I really wished I had a camera at a show because I'm  not sure you'll believe this one. I know that Web 2.0 is all hip and trendy, but I'm still not sure what to think of the black sedan outside the Marriot Hotel with the sign in the back that reads it is reserved for "PORN".

Seriously. You just can't make this kind of stuff up.

Overheard in the Women's Restroom

There was a line. A LINE, I say! In all my years of attending technology trade shows that was a first. But I still overheard a woman ask, "Why aren't there more women in technology?" Hmmph. First time today I haven't had an answer to a question. To the lady who commented, "That makes me grumpy" - I'm with you on that one.

Yet Another Definition of Web 2.0

From a technical writer trying to get into web development. She thought that the "2.0" after "Web" meant this was the conference's second year. That's only funny because this year really is the second year for Web 2.0. She and her husband (a consultant) were learning a lot at the conference anyway, despite the mixup on what it was all about.

Imbibing: Water

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