From a Social Network Analysis tool that "allows you to map and analyze how nodes and users are interlinked", to a Content recommendation engine that "recommends 'Other Content You'd Like' to site visitors using data gathered by [a] VotingAPI"; Google's Summer of Code 2006 has a whole slew of cool projects that might be worth keeping an eye on.

As I mentioned a while back, Google's sponsoring another summer of avoiding the sun at all costs, huddled in a tiny room with fellow geeks, consuming massive amounts of caffeine and snacks while coding. Ahhhh bliss. Ok, so maybe they didn't explicitly specify the environment or ammeneties, but come one...a summer of code? That's any pasty geek's dream come true. I grok what they're layin' down. It looks like the list of projects looks pretty interesting this year, so I'm looking forward to seeing how things progress.

Unleashing a legion of frothy mouthed, over-eager, super motivated students further emboldened by the fleating promise of fame amongst their peers and backed by a battle-hardened group of skilled code warriors sounds like a fabulous idea to me. Where do I sign? ;)