Last week, I had a fascinating conversation with an F5 customer and DevCentral member. While we discussed a number of topics, a few things really stood out and - candidly - inspired me. Here is what I took from the discussion.

  • By encouraging the application teams and network ops teams to collaborate, there is an immediate win/win scenario put in place. And, it's a 1+1=3 (or 4... or 50...) kind of scenario, if you will.
  • Collaborating is a good thing. Working together - where he and others have worked in isolation previously - yields wildly interesting and powerful results. Like applications behaving more intelligently and networks requiring less daily management and maintence to keep the applications, servers, and configurations on track.
  • Letting go of control feels awkward. But, it is liberating. All too often, control skirmishes are evident when I talk with many organizations. But - believe this - letting go of control can actually result in new possibilities that make everyone happier (and also help them look smarter to upper management!).
  • The network is gone. In leading organizations, the network, as it has been known, is now part of the application. It is no longer a wire that sticks out of the wall and an IP address. It is an intelligent channel that helps carry the application with profound fluency about what the application needs, how to provision or change dynamically for application needs, and apply infinite combinations of filters and optimizations as end-user scenarios change that require real-time infrastructure (network, servers, etc.) adaptation.

Really? Yes. I'm not making this up. It's happening. And, it's very cool. It does, however, require a different mindset.

Get more. Explore new possibilities. Look smarter (and maybe get promoted). Change the way things work. Get into application fluency.

What - really - is there to lose but CLI drudgery, conflict, and the "same old, same old"?