The letter for today in the Networking ABC's is the letter "I".   Words that come to mind starting with "I" are ICMP, IPSec, Interface, and the Internet.  But since I get to pick the words, I picked my favorite "I" networking word: iRule.

"I" is for iRule



Prounounced: Ahy-rool

An iRule is a powerful and flexible feature of BIG-IP devices based on F5's exclusive TMOS architecture. iRules provide you with unprecedented control to directly manipulate and manage any IP application traffic. iRules utilizes an easy to learn scripting syntax and enables you to customize how you intercept, inspect, transform, and direct inbound or outbound application traffic.

iRules is an Event Driven scripting language. This means that you'll be writing code based off of specific Events that occur within the context of the connections being passed through the VIP your iRule is applied to.

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