Day two of the New DevCentral.  I’m excited about the new look, but I’m especially excited about the new functionality and navigation.  There are a few things that have changed that might stump the seasoned pros,GettingStarted and of course if you’re a newbie, well, it’s all new, right?  To that end, we’ve created a page of brief video tutorials on how to get the most out of DevCentral: Getting Started.  We thought about the issues most users might have with the initial jump, such as the new social features, the forum changes with a migration to groups, site navigation, etc.  We anticipate, however, adding more content as feedback rolls in.  The videos are grouped by:

  • Wiki – Do you know how to move around in the wiki?  Did you know you can participate in fleshing out the wiki?  The videos in this section should help
  • Forums – Major changes here in how a user accesses the forums.  Increased edit functionality giving users greater control over content.
  • Groups – A completely new concept to DevCentral, though if you haven’t been under a rock in the last few years, you’re aware of social media functionality.  This gives users interactive capability outside of the traditional forum, and gives the DevCentral team an opportunity to see where the community is active.
  • Navigation – It’s completely redone in the new DevCentral, but honestly, it’s so simple and thorough that I’m not sure these videos are necessary.  For the “I want it all” consumer…you’re welcome!
  • Miscellaneous – This is the catch-all bucket for helpful videos that don’t fit the other categories.  Considered contributing a tech tip, or a video, but aren’t sure how?  These questions and more are answered.

Hope you enjoy the New DevCentral.  It sure was a pleasure to build it.