You’ve declared your Data Center Independence. You’ve agreed on a basic set of rights. The problem braveheart4606now is ensuring that those rights are upheld and that you can achieve that independence.

We’re not innocent bystanders in the data center revolution; we wholly support your rights to choose the architecture and solutions that best fit your environment. You can’t do it alone. You need tools with which to fight the data center revolution.

So we’re arming you with at least some of those tools (hey, we can’t do it all alone) with the introduction of BIG-IP v10 and what we like to call Unified Application and Data Delivery Services. Rather than bore you with a lot of talk on the subject (because I don’t want to be that verbose while the first shots of the revolution ring out – I’ve got to go paint my face and grab a big pointy thing) I’m going to instead just offer up the Bill of Rights with a mapping of how this release of BIG-IP supports and guarantees those rights.


First Amendment

Vendors shall make no law respecting an establishment of architecture, or prohibiting the free design thereof; or constraining the flow of data, or of packets; or the right of the administrators easily to configure, and to ensure the fast, secure, and available delivery of applications.

BIG-IP v10 is about choice and flexibility in data center design. TMOS is our core platform and we’ve extended the ability of a wide variety of options that can be deployed on-demand as you see fit.

Whether it’s security (ASM), core load balancing (LTM), WAN Application Delivery Services, or any number of other supported application delivery services, it’s your choice.

Second Amendment

A well performing network being necessary to the delivery of applications, the right of IT to optimization of any network environment, shall not be infringed.

BIG-IP v10 understands applications, and understands that they need to be delivered over a variety of network environments, some of which need a bit more help than others to maintain acceptable application performance.

Whether you need a symmetric acceleration solution (iSessions, WebAccelerator) or asymmetric (WebAccelerator) BIG-IP v10 simultaneously supports both models of acceleration in a single, centrally managed application delivery solution.

That’s the core idea behind a unified application delivery and data services solution. Any network, any application, any time.

Third Amendment

Budgetary constraints, though required for an efficient business, shall not force IT to compromise on security or performance, these being necessary to the successful deployment of applications.

We understand the conflict between security and performance, and recognize that you shouldn’t have to choose between web application security and performance.

BIG-IP v10 dramatically improves the performance of web application security to ensure you don’t have to choose one or the other, making integration of security with core application delivery services within your architecture not only technically acceptable but financially efficient.

Fourth Amendment

The overhead of management, being burdensome in both time and financial costs, shall be reduced through integration and the codification of application expertise such that administrators need not waste their time.

Your time is valuable, and shouldn’t be wasted on learning how to configure and manage myriad application delivery solutions. By integrating core application delivery and acceleration services on a single platform, you can leverage the same skills and improve IT productivity.

With a plethora of improvements in BIG-IP CLI (command line interface) and GUI; the addition of a new management scripting language (TMSH), and the automation of complex configurations through application templates that span multiple application delivery concerns, BIG-IP v10 leverages existing skills and provides the means by which management of your application delivery infrastructure can be better integrated into your existing IT management processes.

Fifth Amendment

In all scenarios, clients shall enjoy the right to speedy and secure application data, delivered by an application delivery network that is aware of the nature and location of the clients and able to dynamically apply policies which IT shall have previously determined apply based on the conditions that exist at the time the request is made.

By integrating core application delivery and acceleration services on a unified, intelligent platform, BIG-IP v10 brings context-awareness and the foundation for a dynamic infrastructure to your data center.

With the flexibility of iRules and iControl, BIG-IP v10 can dynamically apply policies based on all the mitigating factors in real time that go into the application delivery decision process: client, networks, application infrastructure status, and application availability/performance.

Sixth Amendment

Excessive use of resources shall not be tolerated, nor unauthorized access to resources allowed. IT shall maintain the right to delegate the power of administration and consumption of resources as it sees fit.

New in BIG-IP v10 is the ability to provision resources according to the specific needs of your data center architecture. Whether you need more CPU or memory applied to security, acceleration, or core load balancing features, Resource Provisioning allows the flexibility to determine how available resources are provisioned, resulting in higher efficiency and better performance of both your application delivery infrastructure and the applications it is tasked with delivering.

Administrative domains provide the means by which multi-tenant architectures are supported, providing finer-grained access policies through which BIG-IP v10 can be configured and managed.

Seventh Amendment

The needs of IT to consolidate servers and infrastructure being paramount to an efficient data center architecture, the deployment of application delivery network solutions shall not impede or impinge upon consolidation efforts and instead shall be required to assist in said efforts. 

Unified Application Delivery and Data Services virtualizes application and network infrastructure, supporting the move toward virtualization and consolidated data center architectures.

The ability of BIG-IP v10 to virtualize layer 4-7 aids in consolidation efforts while reducing the investment necessary to achieve a more efficient application infrastructure through virtualization.

Eighth Amendment

Excessive latency shall not be added to applications by the proliferation of solutions.

BIG-IP v10 is faster and more efficient than its predecessors and, along with new hardware platforms, ensures the highest performance possible of both application network and application infrastructure.

By unifying application delivery services on a single platform, BIG-IP v10 reduces the latency – and complexity - inherent in a multi-product application delivery and acceleration architecture.

Ninth Amendment

The ability of IT to monitor and closely manage the behavior of applications and infrastructure being a requirement for a successful, efficient application deployment, the right of IT to visibility into and centralized reporting of application and infrastructure behavior will not be denied.

BIG-IP v10 offers increased visibility into its performance as well as the performance of the applications and infrastructure it supports.

In-band monitors provide BIG-IP v10 with the means by which application availability and performance can be monitored without impacting the network or application infrastructure. By passively monitoring the health of applications and their infrastructure, BIG-IP v10 can proactively manage the delivery of applications without creating more traffic.

A new Dashboard provides an at-a-glance, graphical view of BIG-IP v10 performance, both of the platform and the application infrastructure it is managing.

The introduction of TMSH (TMOS Shell) with BIG-IP v10 is designed to assist administrators who need more monitoring and management than has been previously offered on BIG-IP platforms. Much like iControl, TMSH provides a robust environment in which automation of configuration, management, and monitoring tasks can be accomplished much more efficiently.

Tenth Amendment

The enumeration in this document, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by IT. Vendors shall provide the ability of IT to extend and customize application delivery solutions in a way that best serves its purpose, without interference or constraint.

Continuing in its goal to provide the most flexible, adaptable solutions for application delivery, F5 introduces with BIG-IP v10 evaluation licensing of its myriad delivery solutions. This allows you to choose solutions according to your needs, when you need them, without a complex process that may involve downtime.

iControl and iRules continue to be expanded and improved in BIG-IP v10, providing for the unique customization needs of each organization.


The introduction of BIG-IP v10 brings the ability to affect major change in the way application delivery infrastructure is deployed and to data center design. By unifying application delivery and data services the possibilities are nearly limitless. There is no better time than now to dig into application delivery and discover the benefits to IT and to the business it can provide.


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