Continuing the Friday Funny series (some missed that when I didn’t disclaim it last week, so “Fridays are the days I think I’m funny”).

Thursday was an insane day, starting with my laptop having VPN issues, and ending with after-hours work calls. Indeed, I’m writing this at 10 PM Central time (GMT – 5) Thursday night, just because I’m here and just finishing up. Not too much work, just one of those days.

So midway through the day, a friend of mine that does freelance in technology and RPGs – Bill Silvey – tried to start an intelligent IM with me. Here’s how it went from when I missed his “Hello” onward…

[13:13] dmacvittie1: I'm am here, and here I am. You?
[13:18] dmacvittie1: You said hi but it was Spam.    
[13:18] dmacvittie1: I do not like the Spam.
[13:18] dmacvittie1: I do not like it in a can.    
[13:18] dmacvittie1: I do not like it Sam I Am.
[13:18] BillSilvey:, on conference call. Would you like it in the house?
[13:19] dmacvittie1: I would not like it in my house.
[13:19] dmacvittie1: I do not click it with my mouse!
[13:19] BillSilvey: :D
[13:19] BillSilvey: Read my blog today I think you'll like it
[13:21] dmacvittie1: I will not like it in a blog,
[13:21] dmacvittie1: I think I slayed it in a bog!
[13:21] BillSilvey: Would you like a disrto on the SAN?
[13:22] BillSilvey: Would you like it on the WAN?
[13:23] dmacvittie1: I do not like them on my SAN,
[13:23] dmacvittie1: I do not like them, Sam I Am!
[13:24] BillSilvey: Would you eat it by the NAT?  Would you like the file system FAT?
[13:29] dmacvittie1: I would not eat it by the NAT, I'm much much too intelligent for that!
[13:29] dmacvittie1: I do not need all that FAT I do not like it Sam I am!
[13:34] BillSilvey: Would you put it through PCI?  Would you serve it on an SGI?
[13:34] dmacvittie1: I would not put it through PCI, the combination would make me die!
[13:34] dmacvittie1: I would not serve it on an SGI, their technical prowess has gone Bye-Bye!
[13:39] BillSilvey: Would you post it HTTP?  Would you use an asus EE?
[13:39] dmacvittie1: I would not post it on HTTP, unless the version makes it to three!
[13:40] dmacvittie1: I would not use an Asus EE, I have one here, it's pretty crappy!
[13:40] dmacvittie1: I do not like it Sam I Am! I will not take your blog-post Spam!
[13:44] BillSilvey: Can I have the asus ee?  my daughter has a computing need!
[13:45] dmacvittie1: You cannot have the Asus EE,
[13:45] dmacvittie1: I would not do that to a friend of me!
[13:45] dmacvittie1: I do not like it, Sam I Am,
[13:45] dmacvittie1: The Asus EE belongs in a garbage can!
[13:49] BillSilvey: You will not give the asus ee, you will not go and read my blog, you will not accept my friendly spam - just what will you for sam-i-am?
[13:50] dmacvittie1: You may not have the little EE, Your blog I spammed a time or three. I will not take your friendly spam, I will not take it, Sam I Am!

To his credit, Bill played right along. Though I’m thinking that he can have my daughter’s ASUS EE, as I’m angered with it at the moment ;-).

It was fun, and it relieved some of my stress. That’s what friends are for, no? If he was on the conference call I think he was, I believe the topics he chose even came from his call.

Oh yeah, I changed Bill’s super-secret-identity screen name to his real name to protect his hidden identity.

Until next time,


PS – Visit Seussville if you’re a fan.