Well, it's that time again, as Jeff mentioned in his post, we're all here in Seattle, meeting face to face for some serious mind-share and moving stuff forward that has floundered.

These are always such great meetings, largely because there is always stuff that is going on but even the rest of the team isn't aware of. Today Colin was showing off some WOW stuff that he'll hopefully be able to share with you soon (don't hound him, there are legal reasons he's not sharing yet ;-))... Just to show that we made a great choice when we hired him, Jason showed off a couple of derivatives of his Cacti work that he's working through, Joe educated us about the bits of Powershell with iControl that we just haven't had time to get up to speed on and showed off our current architecture configuration - which we'll hopefully be offering you bits of in the near future. Jeff gave us a great talk on direction and priorities, and I got to hand out information about programming Eclipse plug-ins.

The rest of the week will be spent doing, we're talking about editorial content and categorization tomorrow, along with some hands-on work, then we'll finish off the work we came here to do, and Jason and I will head home.

The downside is that you'll likely hear less from us this week, but the upside is that we'll move forward a bunch of this stuff and start rolling it out your way. So it's worth our reduced presence for a few days, and most of you are still recovering from the Christmas/New Years seasons anyway. Consider it an investment in your community for the future.

Meanwhile, if you haven't checked out the ARX/Data Domain post, check it out... Rick has some great info that you should at least be aware of, including money savings.

Anyway, off to get some dinner. More later in the week.


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