Readers, distinguished bloggers, various feeds - A year ago this week, I crossed over into double-digit blog entries (a whopping 10 stories at the time but a relative blog newcomer) and was wondering what magical rant would make this Blog Go to Eleven.  Fidgeting with the keyboard and watching the blinking curser as nothing came to mind, I decided to dedicate January 30th as ‘Blog About Your Blog Day.’   The day that all bloggers would share stories, tips and other musings about their own blog.  Since I don’t see it as a #trendingtopic on Twitter, it might not have stuck.  Annual rituals often need a few years to take, so here’s the State of My Blog address in honor of my own made up writing holiday. Last week, my good buddy Michael Sheehan of GoGrid (@HighTechDad on Twitter) wrote about the detailed process he goes through when creating a blog post.  I gotta give him credit for both having a process and actually documenting it since I typically just see a topic/story, fire up Live Writer and tap away.  Often stories come to mind while I’m walking the dog the evening before I post.  I think it has to do with clearing my mind of all the day’s clutter and suddenly it’s like, ‘There it is!!.’  I’ll get home, quickly jot some notes or create a title, sleep on it and write it the next day.  This was one of them.  I typically try to post at least once a week and it’s usually around mid-week.  This blog talks about how Thursday is the best day to post and this one backs it up with some statistical charts.  I’ve read a couple that indicate that Monday’s are not great since everyone is getting back into the work routine, at least for business blogs.  And speaking of Personal vs. Business blogs – Michael’s entry describes his method for personal blogs.  I really don’t have a ‘personal’ blog since most, if not all, my entries are work related and published on F5’s DevCentral.  I do feed WordPress, Ulitzer, Blogger, Posterous and others for greater coverage but our DevCentral community is my main audience.   Even with a business blog, I do tend to incorporate personal stories since what I do as a career does mix with who I am as a person.  I still remember years ago when I worked at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater an Art Director saying, ‘I am not my art!’  Always thought that was funny but interesting. 

Even though this is a F5 branded blog, I do try to keep it focused on technology, trends, ideas and other industry topics instead of a ShamWow ad for BIG-IP.  Most of our readers are familiar with BIG-IP (and learning about the new BIG-IP Edge Gateway announced this week) and I just like to compliment what they already know, offer some new ideas or bring attention to market/technology trends and how F5 solves some of these.  Nothing too technical, security focused, a bit of humor, some personal insight and our daily lives – that’s the State of My Blog 2010.  How about yours?

And here are a few other stories I considered writing about this week:

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