Much has been written about Jacob "Kobi" Alexander's decision to skip town instead of facing a variety of fraud charges against him.  That decision got him on the FBI's wanted list.

An interesting aspect of this is how he got tracked down leading up to his arrest in Africa today.

Voice Over IP played a role in finding him as about a month ago he was traced to a fishing village in Sri Lanka after he placed a call to his daughter using Skype.  I guess he should have spent the money on a calling card instead.  This will also trigger a round of discussions about just how his call was traced. 

From late August until now he has made his way to Namibia but there hasn't been much coverage of what transpired during that time or how he managed to slip through the net encircling him in Sri Lanka.   There was a move to freeze his assets about a week ago.  Along the way one of the Venture Capital firms that Alexander was working with set a private investigator on his trail too.

We'll likely hear much more about this as time goes on.  I wouldn't be surprised if this story is made into a movie at some point.