Ok, so I'm not the total die-hard having to see the absolute first showing at 12:01AM this morning, but I did set the alarm clock to make it to the 7:30AM showing. I got there a little before 6:00 and, luckily for me, a colleague of mine had gotten there a little after 5:00 and was saving a place in line. It's a good thing he's an early riser as there was a line two city blocks long past him.

So we got into the sold out showing at the Cinerama in Seattle and man was I blown away. The non-stop action mixed with a pretty decent plot line made this a show to see a couple of times. I was a bit disappointed with Natale Portman's performance. She was so strong in the last two shows but this one appeared very weak and fragile (maybe that was because she knew she was going to be bald soon).

I won't give anything away but I'll just say that Lucas did an awesome job at tying up all the loose ends that were hanging in episodes 4, 5, and 6.

Bottom line: Go see it!

BTW, I don't understand how anyone can eat a giant tub of popcorn and monster soda that early in the morning...


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