Posted a new article last night on configuring BIG-IP LTM VE In a VMWare Team environment with servers (DevCentral login required) and just wanted to let you all know.

It’s a relatively complex topic, considering that the pieces all work well separately, but if you’ve configured networks in VMWare before it isn’t too bad to get going. I chose CENT-OS as the server OS because then if any of you decide you want to toy with the team, you can email me and I’ll get you a copy somehow. You’ll need VMWare, and a license key for the BIG-IP VM, but otherwise you should be able to mess with it as-is. I prefer though that you use the article, which tells you how to set up the same environment, so if you’ve already got BIG-IP LTM VE and VMWare, just follow the steps.

For my part, I’d like to thank Jason and Lori for their JIT help with two different issues I ran into. They’re smart cookies, read their stuff.

There’s plenty of great LTM VE content on DevCentral, so check it out if you have an interest.

Until Next Time – when I’ll be talking about shadow copies…


ps: There are several I’s in this team because it’s running a BIG-IP, so there are definitely I’s in it.