There's A New Search Kid In Town

One of the core components of anything on the Internet is Search and DevCentral is no exception.  We've had search implemented in one form or another on DevCentral since it's inception but we've struggled with the accuracy and coverage of results.

So with no further ado, I'd like to introduce you to the new integrated search on DevCentral.   

One of the added features is that we can easily include external content such as, for instance, the tcl documentation.  Oh, and we now support searching protected content in the wiki and forums - woohoo!  With the protected pages, keep in mind that you may have to login to actually visit that page so clicking on the link may not take you to your ultimate destination if you are not logged in.  So, for the best experience, please make sure you log in before doing a search.

Please give it a spin and let me know via the comments.  Just type something in the little search box in the top right of the site, hit enter, and see what you think.  The formatting is a little different, but we're confident the results will be better.  We've got a lot of flexibility as to what content we include as well as what is omitted so your feedback is critical to helping us help you.

Cheers and happy searching!