F5 Networks!

Here are some other F5s that are out there if you are into:

 metal F5 The Band - including the former bassist for Megadeth
 jazz/hiphop/rock F5 (who happen to also be based in Seattle)
 metal http://www.theambientmind.com/f5/f5.html
 cover http://www.batemanweb.com/users/f5rocks/index2.html
 cover http://f5.homestead.com/
Russian jeans http://www.f5jeans.ru/
"Working like a farmer & partying like a rock star" http://www.f5wichita.com/
"Hiphopera" records http://www.f5records.com/
Site design http://www.f5sitedesign.com/ or http://f5design.co.uk/latest/
Chasing tornadoes http://www.f5tornadosafaris.com/
Mandolins http://www.f5journal.com/
Battlebots http://www.battlebots.com/
Hiding secret messages in images http://www.ws.binghamton.edu/fridrich/Research/f5.pdf

I know there are plenty of others. Post a reply if you see something interesting.