Woo-hoo, I made it to double digits on the leader board! Can you see the confetti and marching band going by ?  Sure, Lori may do close to 11 a week but I’m starting to contribute a lot more.  Back when I entered my first blog, I was ripe with excitement and ready to school the world with insightful, topical, and comment-able entries.  I launched my blogging tool and stared as the cursor kept blinking waiting for that magical inspiration.  If you do any amount of writing, no matter what the vehicle, there are going to be days where you wonder, ‘I got a lot of things on my mind but what do I want to share,’ or ‘I got nothing on my mind and a deadline to meet.’ 

‘Oh, a shiny penny!’

I attended a party a few years back and had the chance to chat with M. Night Shyamalan just as he was finishing The Village.  Like his work or not, we had an interesting conversation about writing, artists, movies, family and a bunch of other topics.  At one point, I asked him flat out, ‘Do you write when you ‘feel’ it or have inspiration or do you just plunk yourself down every day and tap some words out?’  He said (now granted, this is his profession), ‘This is my work, this is my job.  I go to the office every day whether I have ideas or not, and just start writing – sometimes it’s good, sometimes it isn’t….but I do it.’ 

A few weeks ago I reminded myself of that and made it a mission to increase my submissions.  Fortunately & unfortunately, there have been many security incidents reported since the new year and plenty to write about.  Where before I would read a story, and then all the other articles/blogs/posts about that story feeling like the topic has been fully covered.  Now when I see something of interest, I jump on it and give my perspective.  I hope you find them interesting and I appreciate your continued support.  And if you are a blogger and having difficulty today getting a word out – maybe just talk about your own blog today, like I did.  Next year, we all can claim January 30, 2010 as ‘Blog about your own Blog’ Day. Just make it one louder.