I'm not a total Harry Potter fanatic.  In fact, I didn't start reading the series until book 4 came out.  But there is something about the story telling that is compelling and it's very hard to put the book down once starting.

Last weekend, I took my boys to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle for a overnight camp featuring Wizard festivities and a pickup of Book #7 at the stroke of midnight.  Well, once we got home, I made the mistake of starting it on Monday and the book lives up to it's hype.  Lots of action and it's very riveting from Chapter one. 

Well, then it was, Thursday night.  I went next door to my neighbors for a little poker game and then went home to replace the power supply in my PC.  I hit the sack at around 1:00am and wanted to get through a few more pages.  I got a few pages into chapter 33 and the something didn't look right.  The sentences between the pages didn't make sense.  I looked down and this is what I saw:



Apparently I'm one of the lucky hundred or so owners of the book with missing pages.

Not sure what to do now.  I'll probably go and pick up another one and keep this one as a collectible (I've heard there are a few popping up on eBay).  Bummer is that it's hard to find them now and I'll likely have to wait a few days to finish the book...