Nik Cubrilovic has a post over on TechCrunch that talks about "the next generation web".

His post is ebullient, talking about the wonderful world of browser applications being essentially desktop applications utilizing a whole slew of technologies, with HTML5's local database as the one he focuses on.

In case you missed it, I posted on this topic also, a few weeks ago. I'm not so ebullient.

We haven't cleaned up the problems of two (increasingly ill-named) generations ago, and we're blindly going to rush forward into a world where SQL Injection will work on any desktop?

How about your average web developer be able to do AJAX on a daily basis without hacks and false starts because of architecture immaturity before we start talking about moving beyond it? We haven't seen the worst of the AJAX-enabled attacks yet, let's not give them a database to hack while we're at it.

Change and enablement are good, if they are for well-defined reasons. Our industry has gotten into the "bigger and better, no matter what!" mentality. Positive forward steps should emphasize the positive and not the forward.

So approach this post and the inevitable techno-announcements that will follow with caution, make certain you actually need browser local storage before you add yet another system to be vulnerable to each of your users' desktops.

Of course, if his vision becomes reality there are several great opportunities for F5 there, but we'd rather solve necessary problems than ones created by the desire to "tinker with it".


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